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Monday, 31 July 2017

Make Your Secret Messages Unreadable With Encryptonator

Cryptography is a technique that has been practiced by man for the past hundreds of years. It is the process of converting plain text into a random string of characters that make no sense whatsoever.

Today, Encryption is more significant than it has ever been over the ages. Hackers have found ways to intercept internet conversations and they've used it to commit numerous crimes. Keeping all of this in view, Cocash Creators has once again come up with a program that can protect your information from being read by an obnoxious stranger.

Encryptonator is a Free Program for Windows that converts your personal documents, credentials and secret messages to a random string of symbols, letters and numbers that cannot be read by anyone. To make this text readable, the recipient of the message must also have Encryptonator installed on his computer. The encrypted text can be decrypted into plain text again to allow only the recipient to understand what has been sent. A hacker who may be intercepting the conversation will not be able to make any sense of the encrypted text thus protecting your conversation.

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