The Best Web Hosting Service for Blogs in 2018

If you're thinking of starting a blog, the first thing you should take into account should be web hosting and domain name services.

Why is Web Hosting Important? 

Just like how businesses need offices to work, websites and blogs require web hosting (and a domain name). The domain name of your blog is like your blog's address. Viewers need to know your address so that they can access your content.

A hosting company stores and looks after all your files. In the case of a blog, files are articles and images that you put up on your web pages.

It's important to choose the right hosting company so that your content can reach your viewers as soon as it is created and your viewers don't experience any downtime. Frequent downtime will result in loss of viewers and subsequently, financial loss.

The number one reason why people take up blogging nowadays is to make money. If your blog doesn't load fast or if your pages are broken up, you won't be earning much.

To avoid the problems mentioned above, one must invest in a reliable, high-speed web hosting package. This is easier said than done because good hosting is expensive and it's hard to find a one-size-fits-all web hosting service.

2018's Best Web Hosting Service for Blogs

I've spent almost ten years shifting from one hosting company to another and after a ton of scrutinizing, I've found the ideal web host: Exabytes.

Exabytes provides the best web and eCommerce hosting solutions and their monthly packages start at a mere $0.42.

It goes without saying that security essential for every website. What I love most about Exabytes is the fact that they perform 24/7 security monitoring and maintain backups in order to protect your data.

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