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About Us

Cocash Creators is an internet company that was founded by Abdul Ali Khan in the year 2009. At that time, Abdul Ali was only 9 years old. Cocash Creators started off as a YouTube channel where we posted our very own free computer games. By 2011, Our channel had grown tremendously and then we decided to move to a website. On 5th August 2011, CocashCreators.Com came into being and the old YouTube channel was put to rest. At that point, We had started designing programs for Windows and we launched several web projects. Our designs included websites for NGOs, Artists and even Societies. 

In 2014, we also started up our own Free Web Hosting Service, Netu.CF. We hosted over 200 free domains but later in 2016, Netu had to be closed down due to misuse of the service. We also launched a YouTube Video Downloader in 2015YTDownloader.CF